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Dr. Nancy Shackleton, a leading orthodontist, specializes in early and adult orthodontic treatment using a self-ligating braces system and/or clear retainers to:

    • Improve your oral health

    • Create a great smile

    • Boost your self-image.

Dr. Nancy and her staff treat take great pride in creating a warm, friendly environment from the moment you walk in. Her staff take great care with each and every patient while providing the highest standard of treatment.

From Our Facebook Fans

"We had our first appointment with Dr. Shackleton to start the process of braces. My daughter has had several bad dental experiences and is very nervous about dental procedures in general...but she told me last night that she loves how they all come to talk with her and she especially likes how nice Miss Kimberly is with her! Thanks to the whole office for making her feel so comfortable!" Wendy

Ask Dr. Nancy

What are self-ligating braces?

They are the newest "tieless bracket" innovation in orthodontics. This new technology uses a "slide" mechanism to maintain archwires within the bracket allowing teeth to move more freely, quickly and comfortably.
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News About Braces

A study in the November 2010 issue of the Cleft Palate–Craniofacial Journal examines two treatments for bilateral cleft lip and palate: orthodontic space closure and prosthetic replacement.

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Dr. Nancy Shackleton, Orthodontist

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